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High-tech equipment, intended for high-level athletes, accessible to all.

Tapis anti-gravité alter G rééducation sportif athlète

Anti-gravity mat

The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill and Treadmill provides painless and safe rehabilitation and training.

isocinétisme analyse de la force rééducation athlete


Isokinetics is a medically assisted method which is used on the one hand to assess strength, power and muscular endurance and on the other hand to strengthen one or more muscles.

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Examination to analyze the electrical activity of nerves and muscles, in order to look for damage to the peripheral nervous system (roots, plexus, nerve trunks), neuromuscular junction or muscles.


Compressive cryotherapy

The combination of cryotherapy with pressotherapy generates a rapid and effective beneficial effect to relieve micro-lesions or edema following intense sports practice or directly in post-operative use.


Pressotherapy consists of exerting pressure on different areas of the body, through the imitation of palpation and rolling. It is used for its benefits on blood and lymphatic circulation. Allowing to improve oedemas, lymphoedemas or the phenomenon of heavy legs.


Focal shock waves

This therapeutic treatment effectively relieves muscle and tendon pain in the event of injury.



Tecartherapy reduces muscle tension and inflammation. For other cases, it rebalances the membrane in the cells present in the treated area. It accelerates the process of resorption of hematomas.



Electro-myostimulation is a global, active and intense bodybuilding concept. The muscle is stimulated by an electrical impulse which is activated via electrodes placed on the main muscle areas.

Spinal tractions

Automated lumbar and cervical tractions to relieve back pain.



For some rehabilitations, it is necessary to work on the overall strengthening of the lower limb.



Excellent for endurance, rehabilitation or to return to sport gently.


weight station

Allows you to increase base strength and workload at the same time and gradually change the amount of stabilization offered.

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Gait analysis

The KinTrack device makes it possible to quantify and visually monitor the performance of patients during their rehabilitation care pathway.



Make your heart work gently by improving cardiovascular endurance. This also allows toe build muscle without risk to the joints.



Floor markings allow varied and effective training to work on balance, agility   and range of motion with a measurement capability.

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