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Isokineticism: assessment and rehabilitation at the Medxcare center

Isokineticism is a method of muscle assessment and strengthening that measures muscle strength and speed of movement under controlled, constant conditions, using specialized equipment called an isokinetic dynamometer. This technique is used to assess muscle imbalances, functional impairments, sports injuries, and to plan individualized rehabilitation programs.

The isokinetic balance sheet

The isokinetic assessment is a comprehensive examination that assesses the patient's muscle strength, joint stability, coordination and balance. It can also be used to determine muscle imbalances between the left and right limbs, as well as functional impairments and risk of injury.

Isokinetic rehabilitation

Isokinetic rehabilitation is a method of muscle rehabilitation that uses the isokinetic dynamometer to plan individualized rehabilitation programs for each patient. This technique strengthens weak muscles, improves coordination and balance, and reduces the risk of recurrence of injuries. Isokinetic rehabilitation is used to treat a variety of conditions, including ligament injuries, muscle sprains, tendinopathy, and chronic pain.


Personalized isokinetic rehabilitation programs for each patient

Medxcare offers isokinetic rehabilitation programs for patients with acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries, as well as professional and Olympic athletes.

Rehabilitation programs are individualized according to the needs of each patient, with regular follow-up to assess progress. In conclusion, the Medxcare center is a reference center for isokineticism, assessment and rehabilitation, in the PACA, Alpes Maritimes, Cannes regions.

Sportsmen and women

Isokineticism ensures balanced muscle strengthening, prevents injury, and delivers measurable results. By optimizing performance and targeting weaknesses, it is essential for athletes. In post-injury rehabilitation, its precise control promotes a safe recovery. In summary, isokinetics is a versatile tool for improving athletic performance efficiently and safely.


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